TADD Staffing Solutions is proud to announce our partnership with government contracted, Veteran Admin Services LLC, and is NOW affiliated with the nationally operable organization Veteran Service Group. With this new collaboration, TADD Staffing recognized as an exemplar human/social services field staffer. With this collaboration we are now able to launch a subsidiary Veteran Services Program which will now have available a variety of FREE services and opportunities for US Veterans, with many more to come in the near future. TADD Staffing is HONORED to have the ability to repay the brave individuals who fought for our country’s freedoms.

American Heroes & Surviving Spouses

Are you a US Veteran that is at least 65 years old?

Are you the surviving spouse of a Veteran?

Were you active in the military during the following War Periods?

o World War II (Dec 7, 1941—Dec 31, 1946)
o Korean War (Jun 27, 1950—Jan 31, 1955)
o Vietnam I (Feb 28, 1961—Aug 4, 1964)
o Vietnam II (Aug 5, 1964—May 7, 1975)
o Gulf War (Aug 2, 1990—TBD)


If So,


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Don's pass up the opportunity for FREE non-medical assistance at NO COST TO YOU!

American Heroes & Surviving Spouses

Returning to the workforce after a career in the military can have unique challenges, and some companies recognize that. TADD Staffing is committed to highlighting and referring companies that make a special effort to provide resources for the veterans they employ and their families. TADD Staffing is also making a commitment to provide Veterans the ability to choose inter-agency positions at TADD, which best suits their interest.

Now that we are an affiliate of Veteran Services Group, opportunities and resources are in abundance. Along with connections to employment and/or volunteer opportunities, TADD Staffing will also provide the following services free of charge to our Veterans….

  • Resume and CV Development
    Interview Readiness/Preparation
    Career Counseling
    Professional Development
    Assistance with unobtainable resources
    Personal Job Coaches

Call us today for more details (973)221-3683 or email [email protected],com
Don’t pass up the opportunity of these FREE resources and opportunities at NO COST TO YOU!

Band of Brothers: Peer Support Program

Peer support is an integral part of emotional development and is considered a helping relationship between an individual who has experience living with certain conditions assisting another person to cope and adapt to similar circumstances. Peer mentoring is at the heart of the peer support model; this is an opportunity for peer mentors to use their own personal experience of being subjected to certain circumstances to empower others in reaching their goals.

The Band of Brothers Program, fits well within the widely accepted “Vet to Vet” framework. However, our program will offer an intersectional model which will provide Veterans the opportunity to either volunteer as a Peer Support for Senior Veterans enrolled in our American Heroes & Surviving Spouses program, or the opportunity to earn compensation as Personal Care Aides, whom provide NON-MEDICAL care services to our Senior Veterans and/or their spouses.
In accordance with the federally proclaimed, “HIRE VETS Act of 2017”, TADD Staffing will make a commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development

Please email, [email protected] for more details, if interested in Peer Support or Job Opportunities

*Due to discrimination laws, all veterans that apply for and are interested in volunteer and/ or compensated positions, are subject to the same background and reference checks as non-veteran applicants*